Our Courses

We have generic courses in the following areas:

  • Assertiveness
  • Change Management
  • Clerical & Administration
  • Communications
  • Corporate Surveillance
  • Customer Services
  • Fraud prevention & Investigation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Image Building
  • Performance & Productivity Management
  • Personal Security
  • Problem solving
  • Pre-Retirement Workshops
  • Relationship Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Secretarial Development
  • Talent Management
  • Time Management
  • Vetting & Background Checks
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Available Courses
  • Customer Services
  • General Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Personal Assistant
  • Security
OPASS CS 1 CustomerCentrics (Company-wide Customer Service Training).
OPASS CS 2 Basic Customer Service Training.
OPASS CS 3 Advanced Customer Service For Core Customer Service Providers
( Officers And Managers).
OPASS CS 4 Team Building Skills.
OPASS CS 5 Advanced Problem Solving Skills.
OPASS MC 1 Interpersonal Skills For Managers.
OPASS MC 2 Managing Pressure For Maximise Performance.
OPASS MC 3 Management Skills And Techniques For New First Line Supervisors.
OPASS MC 4 Effective Time Management Seminar For Managers.
OPASS MC 5 Successfully Managing People.
OPASS MC 6 How To Sharpen Your Business Writing Skills.
OPASS MC 7 Code Of Conduct And Business Ethics Seminar.
OPASS HRM 1 Managing The Complexity Of Change.
OPASS HRM 2 Improving Managerial Performance.
OPASS HRM 3 Communication Skills For Human Resource Managers.
OPASS HRM 4 Talent Management.
OPASS HRM 5 Interviewing And Counselling Skills For Managers.
OPASS HRM 6 Pre-retirement Seminar For Managers.
OPASS HRM 7 Pre-retirement Seminar For Supervisors.
OPASS HRM 8 Pre-retirement Seminar For Junior Staff.
OPASS HRM 9 Appraisal Workshop.
OPASS PA 1 Management Development Course For Personal Assistants/ Admin Assistants
OPASS PA 2 Advanced Management Development Course For Personal Assistants/ Admin Assistants
OPASS SC 1 Tips on fraud prevention: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
OPASS SC 2 Internal Controls for Fraud prevention
OPASS SC 3 Observation and Documentation
OPASS SC 4 Internal Investigation
OPASS SC 5 Ownership and Personal Responsibility
OPASS SC 6 Knowing / Monitoring your staff
OPASS SC 7 Overt and Covert Surveillance
OPASS SC 8 The value and strength of evidence