New Job Vacancies
Posted Date: 2018-10-29
We are seeking to fill the position of a GENERAL MANAGER
Posted Date: 2018-10-29
We are seeking to fill the position of an INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER
Posted Date: 2018-10-29
We are seeking to fill the position of a FINANCE MANAGER
Posted Date: 2018-10-29
We are seeking to fill the position of a GM, COMMERCIAL SERVICES
Posted Date: 2018-10-29
We are seeking to fill the position of a FACILITY MANAGER
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Recruitment and Selection

We offer a comprehensive and individualised approach to ensure we hire the best available candidates to fill temporary and permanent vacancies. The entire process is transparent, thorough and mindful of timescales / deadlines.

Training and Development

We work closely with our clients analysing training needs and designing courses that would add value to the organisation and empower the employee. We match traditional training techniques with modern trends and ensure training is effective and fulfils its purpose. OPASS Limited is equipped with state of the art technology to aid execution of training assignments. Our unique methods of running courses include the following:

  • Pre-course work
  • Participative discussions
  • Case Studies
  • Lectures
  • Role plays
  • Audio-Visuals
  • Personality Analysis
  • Individual Counselling
  • Individual Reports
  • Follow-up
Outsourcing and Manpower Planning

OPASS Limited recognises the importance of ensuring clients concentrate and focus on their core areas of expertise. This is why we offer our “outsourcing package” to our clients. The benefits of this can be seen in terms of cost and time saving. We endeavor to meet the needs of our clients in a value-enhancing manner and understand their business in order to achieve overall corporate objectives. We particularly encourage our clients to outsource HR areas such as Executive Search, Payroll Administration, Counselling and Contractual Staffing.

Security Consultancy
You expect loyalty and commitment from those you entrust with your highly confidential information, financial details and products.

Internal theft and pilfering by those placed in positions of responsibility and trust is particularly abhorred. We all pay in the long term for other people's dishonesty. However, there is only so much that can be built into a costing structure in order to stay competitive.

In times of economic downturn and recession, company fraud is a crime that always increases. Employee theft or company resource theft is a very serious crime that can have serious repercussions for a business. OPASS Limited can assist and prove many cases of employee theft through a company fraud investigation. We will also offer advice on fraud prevention with minimal or no disruption to your daily operations.

We are able to advise on aspects of security and, dependent on circumstances and the type of organisation, on the best approach for obtaining the evidence or information required where suspicions arise.

Do not hesitate in contacting us today if you suspect one of your staff or Customer is committing company fraud.
In order to make informed decisions, you must seek the truth and need to be in full possession of the facts. This can apply equally to both professional and private lives, with simply the circumstances and outcomes being different.

The thought of surveillance may seem less appealing to some organisations, but it can often be the most appropriate course of action in sensitive situations. In order to verify information you need an independent and unbiased report, using a reliable and professional source. OPASS Limited can help, by carrying out professional surveillance and by providing you with fully detailed authenticated reports backed up, if necessary and where possible, by video (CCTV), photographic and or audio evidence.

We have acted for many companies in this area enabling decisions and actions appropriate to the event to be easily made.
Instinct is one thing but a few hard facts can make all the difference. Professional agents with wide ranging expertise and a wealth of experience can check facts and interpret information, putting together the disparate pieces to form a fuller picture.
A detailed factual report from an independent source can help you to make the right decision to proceed with confidence. OPASS Limited can conduct background check investigations for new and existing personnel as well as Clients. Checks are carried out by experienced and successful private investigators that will provide the information you need.

Call us for a no obligation free discussion on any of your security concerns.

OPASS Limited also offer training in the area of safety, security, crime prevention, intelligence gathering, surveillance, theft and fraud investigation.

These courses are designed to match the clients' needs and details are available upon receiving a brief from the client.